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1938 Norton International 1946 Noron Manx 1947 BSA A& Twin Star 1950 Norton Manx
1938 Norton International 1946 Norton Manx 1947 BSA A7 Twin Star (Rigid frame) 1950 Norton Manx
1951 Norton Model Norton 1954 ES2 1959 Norton ES2 1959-Norton wide line 1952 ES2 engine
1951 Norton Model 7 1954 Norton ES2 1955 Norton ES2 owned by Lars Volund of Denmark 1959 Norton wide line with 1952 E32 engine
1961 BSA B40 350cc Norton 1963 Electra Norton 1964 Altas 1969 BSA A65 left and right side views
1961 BSA B40 (350cc) 1963 Norton Electra 1964 Norton Altas 1969 BSA A65F
Norton 1971 S 750cc 1974 Norton Commode 3 bikes 1967 Norton n-15
1971 Norton S 750cc 1974 Norton Commando 1964 Altas, 1954 ES2, 1959 ES2, 1967 Norton N-15
Colin Coleman, Norton Owners Club (NOC) UK 1967 BSA B44 Visitor Roadster 1967 BSA Royal Star Tom Symth and his new toy
*Colin Coleman's Dommie on the island Crete 1967 BSA B44 Victor Roadster 1967 BSA Royal Star Tom Symth and his Triumph Daytona
My 1989 Norton Rotary Commander1970 Triumph T100S1931 Norton CS1 and belongs to Dick Richardson of the UK.
Colin Coleman's 1988 Norton CommanderMy 1989 Norton Rotary "Commander" 1970 Triumph T100SDick Richardson of the UK
1931 Norton CS1
Andrew Davies of Wales (UK) standing beside his Norton 650SS
*Andrew Davies of Wales (UK) standing beside his Norton 650SS.

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Garnet Minogue
Norton Place
1081 Columbia Heights Street
Robson BC
V0G 1X0 Canada
Phone 1-250-365-2202

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